Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Pretty Sad Showing

Did you watch the Presidential debate last night? Pretty sad wasn't it? Obama once again cleaned McCain's clock. McCain really showed his age last night and just doddered around the stage. His body language telegraphed his dislike of Obama as did the tone in his voice. It seems to me that he and his handlers learned nothing from the first debate. A lot of the negatives from that debate were about McCain's obvious distaste for Obama and the anger broadcast by his attitude. McCain did not seem to make any attempt to feign civility or respect for his opponent. It was a sad show.
All of the spot polls and a majority of the pundits are calling it a clear win for Obama...even some of the wingnut pundits.
I got the impression from McCain last night that he is just going through the motions now. He knows he has lost and he just wants this to be over so he can rest.

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