Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Quiet, Too Quiet

Sorry its been a little quiet around these parts for the last couple of days. The actual job sometimes gets in the way of the more important blogging.

Actually, there is not much noteworthy, or at least comment worthy happening. McSame is still floundering, Caribou Barbie is still a walking train wreck but it appears that the GOP is keeping her on the Limbaugh like circuit.

Shrub got out early yesterday morning and did his little Ra-Rah speech which immediately sent the markets down.

Still no obvious fix to the financial crisis in place but there does seem to be some kind of positive energy out there.

Obama has his new tax-cut calculator out so you can see what is in store. It is a good idea.

Oh and Christopher Buckley immediately lost his job at the National Review for endorsing Obama. Not having a Buckley hat the NR is going to be odd but really it has ventured so far into wingnut world it is strange that a true conservative hung around as long as he did.

Tonight is debate night and I haven't decided if I am going to watch or not.

My Sugar Snap and Snow Peas are blooming and I am getting a few radishes. It has been warmer than normal so the radishes are a little hot and that means they are my responsibility to eat since Madam is not into spicy at all. The back 40 (big garden) is all cleared and tilled and ready for its cover crop as soon as the seed gets here. I ordered a blend of
  • 50% Fall Cereal Ryegrain
  • 30% Austrian Winter Peas
  • 10% Common Vetch
  • 5% Crimson Clover
  • 5% Annual Ryegrass
to add a little nitrogen and some mass to till in come spring. Now I am going to try and find a computer program (hopefully very cheap or even free to help me with the planning).

If you know of anything interesting to talk about jump in.

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