Thursday, October 30, 2008

Two Disappointments

Life bites some days. I was all excited about making pumpkin soup over the weekend so at Whole Foods today I picked up a small sugar pumpkin. The price wasn't marked but I figured it couldn't be much since they are selling three pumpkins, any size, for 13 bucks out in front. When I got to the checkout and the lady rank it up at $8.43 I called a halt and had them take it off. I will have to use canned pumpkin if I want pumpkin soup. Rats, a fresh pumpkin is just a bit better than canned but that is just too much for a small pumpkin that might barely make a full batch of soup. I guess I know one thing that will have a spot in the garden in the spring.

I got home and the yard guys were just finishing. (Yes, I have a guy mow for me. Since I travel so much and Madam is not up to mowing a half acre yard it is a requirement. They mow, blow and trim and can get it done in a half hour while it takes me half a day to get it all done.) Anyway, one of my coddled rabbit-eye blueberry bushes was chopped off at the root. He promised to replace it but they are hard to come by so we'll see. My bushes have only been in a year or so and we just got a handful of berries last year. This was the year we were going to get some serious blueberries and so now it is up to the remaining 3 bushes to carry the load.

Today is at least the day we get the CSA box and we will get to be surprised by what shows up. I still have the Austrian Kale from last week's box that I haven't done anything with so maybe a good minestrone is in order instead of pumpkin soup. Deal with it.

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