Thursday, October 02, 2008

That Was Interesting

I watched the whole thing and it was painful. How can someone stand onstage for 90 minutes and not answer one question put to her. There were plenty of little winks and Jeebus I don't want to hear the maverick for weeks. Anyhow, Palin managed to get through it without a major embarrassment(except getting the General's name wrong) but it was very wind up Barbie and not really a good look at how she thinks on her feet. If she was'nt ready for a question it just disappeared and she rattled off some of the talking points she had rehearsed.
Biden, on the other hand, demonstrated great restraint and superior knowledge of the issues and actually answered the questions posed.
She won on the expectaions game because she really didn't screw it up but Joe Biden won the debate on substance. From a political perspective I don't think it really changed the dynamic of the campaign.

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