Tuesday, June 23, 2009

All Gone

Our guests have packed up and returned to Merry Olde so it is back to normal around here. I have sorely neglected all but the most essential gardening jobs and it shows. I did pick more yellow squash and beans yesterday as well as the first chilies(serrano). Trouble is the heat index (temp+humidity) has been in the triple digits for the last few days, and is today as well, and that makes it mighty hard to get any productive work done outside.

Way behind in my net reading and have only managed to hit the high spots today. I will do better.

Here is a picture from the zoo trip the other day. Good looking young fellow.

Now I have to try and get something done outside but I am betting I won't get far. Maybe get blueberries picked and a few tomatoes tied up(their close!) but that is all. Wicked hot.

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