Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Squash Time

As any Southern gardener knows, the end of June and early July is squash time in the South. The yellow crookneck usually come first followed closely by the zucchini. I'm in the yellow zone right now and picking 3 or 4 a day. We managed to eat 4 last night but there are a dozen in the queue and more coming. I might have to freeze a few. The zucchini are a week away. I plant less every year but I still seem to plant too do have to allow for losses due to bugs and mildew so you can't just rely on one or two plants, but if all goes well you are always overrun for a few weeks.

I did try something new with the squash last night. Halved them lengthwise and scooped out the seeds then stuffed them with a crimini mushroom duxelle and a little Parmesan cheese. Not bad, and I managed to use up the shrooms before they went bad. They were purchased for the house guests and not used since neither eats them.

Going to try and get an early start in the garden today as it is supposed to be another scorcher...if this is any hint as to July and August we are in for a sizzling summer. I'll be back later when the sun is high and I need to escape into the air conditioning. So far we have been doing OK with the thermostat on 80F. The new A/C seems to be able maintain the temperature during the hottest part of the day so we don't need to get a head start by cooling the place way down early which is a good thing for the electric bill.

See you guys in a few hours.

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