Monday, June 08, 2009

Being the Good Host

We got our young couple from the UK all settled in last night and they are off shopping with Madam today. As usual I am preparing dinner. Tonight we are going Southern. I've got some pork spare ribs smoking out back right now (got a great deal at Whole Foods yesterday as they were only $2.99 a pound!). I got an even better deal today at the market when the fresh corn was only 25 cents an ear and it looks pretty nice. It's from Florida, of course, so it isn't actually local...but close. It will be grilled in the husk and will be a nice complement to the ribs.

I broke down and bought a pineapple from Puerto Rico to throw on the grill as well. Again, not local but we don't grow much pineapple in Georgia. A nice salad from the garden and some homemade bread and we are good.

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