Friday, June 19, 2009

Hello Summer

It's just barely noon here and it has just hit 90F. Officially summer now. I worked in the garden some yesterday morning but by 1pm it was just too hot and even with by wide brimmed hat, which was soaked, I couldn't keep the sweat out of my eyes or off my glasses so I just gave up and shifted to the cool basement and worked on daughter's screen door. Some final adjustments to the tongue I cut on the door bottom and a little more gluing and it will be finished. That's the plan for this afternoon.

Our visitors did the Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coca Cola yesterday and all that is left is Stone Mountain and the Laser show tonight and the zoo tomorrow. Madam has them on the historic tour today of the local antebellum houses and all that.

The laser show doesn't start until dark which is 9:30pm so it will be a late night. We've got a picnic planned so we'll head down early and find a nice place on the lawn and try and keep cool few a few least by that time the sun will be low and not boiling down. It's really not a bad deal since the show is included in the 8$ per car park entry fee. It's just sort of a pain to drive all the way to Stone Mountain from way up here in the north and then battle the post show traffic and the late night drive home. I haven't seen the show in years and it is supposed to be 45 minutes of nonstop oohs and ahhs. We'll see.

BTW We had our first green beans and squash from the garden last night and it was worth all the work. No tomatoes yet but they are close...2 weeks tops. I also had fresh picked blueberries with my yogurt this morning...only a couple of dozen have ripened so far but there will be a couple of quarts before all is done. The bird netting has worked so far!

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