Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer for Real

In spite of the title of my last is actually the first day of summer. It's already 82 at 10am here in Atlanta so it will be a very summery day. It was very hot for the outing to the zoo yesterday(99F) and most of the animals were resting in the shade and not very active. I did get some good pics and I will share some of them in the coming days. Our guests leave tomorrow so things will get back to normal around here. I am actually going to work in the garden a bit this morning while things are quiet and no excursions are planned other than a trip to Bloomingdale's which I am not required for. The warm weather has encouraged the beans I planted after the garlic came up to soar and they are ready for support. The hard work of setting poles is done but I need to string the wire and string as they are looking for some support. Shouldn't be too strenuous even in the heat.
Burgers are on the menu for tonight as you just have to have one cookout whilst visiting the U.S. though I have had grilled chicken and ribs so far.

For all you Dad's out there...Happy Father's Day.

Updated: I added a picture of the meerkat lookout from yesterday.

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