Sunday, June 07, 2009

Baguette Redux

I got a little grief from commenter Gasho for not posting a picture of my own baguettes. I made another batch today and here are the results.

I just checked on our inbound guests and their flight is now in the air but was 30 minutes late leaving Heathrow(not unusual). That is going to put them in here at sometime after 7 pm and by the time they make it through the hassles at immigration and customs then catch the train to the Northern burbs it will easily be 930 pm before we can pick them up at the North Springs station. I was planning to have a light supper of roast chicken with salad and fresh bread but I might have to rethink it. They may be to "cream crackered" to do anything but hit the sack. Both are young though and they may surprise us. We shall see. I may still roast the chicken and just plan on a cold supper.

As always if you want to see a bigger pic just click on it.

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