Monday, June 15, 2009

Can't Win

The recoil spring on the Honda mower broke yesterday and therefore you couldn't get the rope to retract and hence no starting. I took it apart and went this morning to get a new spring for the mechanism. I figured $5 at the most. To my surprise you have to buy the whole mechanism and you can't buy just a replacement spring. So I am out $16. What a waste and just because they know they have you over a barrel. So no matter how handy you are you just have to take what's offered. I understand the concept of FRU's (field replaceable units) but this is a little overboard.

Now I am off to Lowe's to get a screen for the daughter. Her opening is 36x84 and they only make stock screen doors 80 inches tall. She has called on Pop to add three inches to a stock door. Not a big problem...just rout a tongue on the existing door and a groove in a 4 inch board...a little glue and some trimming.

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