Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Lard is Back

It seems as if you wait long enough everything seems to fix itself. I don't know for how many years we have have been told that lard is poison. Yeah, the stuff you find in grocery stores nowadays is mostly hydrogenated for shelf life but real lard is finally making a comeback. I've said for years, and proven on more than one occasion, that you can't make a decent buttermilk biscuit without lard and any good Mexican cook will prove the same about any number of classic Mexican dishes.

We were forced to take lard out of our kitchen arsenal and replace it with Crisco. Tales of cardiac woe and other horror stories did their job but what we got has turned out to be worse for us than the lard that was replaced.

Michael Pollan has it right. Go for the minimally processes food and if it was OK for your Granny it is OK for you. Now if I could just find some real lard but failing that I know how to make it.

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