Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No Real Change in Health Care

The more I watch the back and forth on the health care debate the more it dawns on me that we are probably not going to get something meaningful. The real debate has shifted from single payer and universal coverage to government sponsored health insurance to compete with the current insurance scam. An alternative to the expensive health insurance options at lower cost will surely benefit a lot of people. Those of us currently and likely to be unemployed for the foreseeable future are still going to be left with nothing. We won't even be able to afford a cheap insurance option.

The more and more I read the more and more I realize that we won't have a single payer health system in this country during my lifetime...the insurance and pharmaceutical companies are just too powerful and have too many politicians in their pockets. Of course, the politicians have their government run health plan so the rest of us can't just do the best we can.

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