Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Doing Your Best

Yeah it was seniors day at Kroger so Madam and I made the pilgrimage. One thing that really irks me about grocery shopping is the redundancy in products. Take toothpaste. It looks like P&G could make a really good toothpaste and call it Crest. It would be the best toothpaste that they could make. Just having the best of Crest should eliminate the need for all the other varieties of Crest and it would save a lot of shelf space.

How about chicken broth. I should make my own but I normally buy Swanson's reduced sodium broth. It is pretty tasty and very convenient. Swansons also has regulary chicken broth on the shelf. Why don't they just do the low sodium and give instructions on how much salt to add to make it regular? Let's save some shelf space.
You see this 'low sodium' and 'regular' conflict all the time and I always wonder why people just don't buy the low sodium and add salt to taste....seems much simpler.

You see this redundancy all over the store, reduced fat and regular, low sodium and regular, no trans fat and regular, diet and regular. It really doesn't make sense. All you need on the store shelf is the minimum version and let everybody add fat, sugar or salt to make their perfect product. Seems simple to me. Hell you could tie a little sachet of salt to the bottle of low salt V-8 just for those people that liked their V-8 with a little taste.

If you would like me to go on just request same in the comments. I just want every manufacturer to make the best product they can and not try and satisfy every silly whim. If you want it saltier then add salt. If you want it fatter then drizzle it with melted butter or olive oil. Give me a canvas folks and let me do my own drawing.

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