Sunday, March 07, 2010

Gardening Update

Busy for the last couple of days getting all the early seeds in their little pots. All of the tomatoes and peppers are going as well as artichokes and eggplants. Transplanted all the broccoli, cabbage(Chinese and regular) and lettuce plants from their starter pots(half toilet tissue cores) to actual pots and they all look happy. Divided and transplanted all the leeks from their starter pot into individual pots(again TP tubes) and they will be going into the ground as soon as it dries out a bit. The only thing left is to plant the okra which will happen today.

Still too wet to get the peas into the ground but the onions survived the snow and they are starting to show some growth. Potato starts should show up soon as it is time to get those going as well.
There are still spots of snow remaining on the ground but it should finally disappear today as we should hit the mid 60s.

I also managed to get the snow destroyed deck canopy down and ready to haul to the recycling center. I decided I would keep the corner pieces as they might make good pea or cucumber trellises. Waste not want not.

Update: I decided it wasn't too wet to get the first peas in. I had tilled an area the other day and it was just workable enough to hill up to get the first planing of peas in the ground. Sugar Snaps, Mr. Big(green shelling peas, Dwarf sugar peas, Paso(tiny shelling peas). 3 24 foot rows. Good afternoon's work. I was extremely pleased to see a lot of earthworm activity as well. All the leaves and wood chips are doing their job and improving the tilth and biological activity. I also took the time to inoculate all the peas with a dose of nitrogen fixing bacteria. It occurs naturally in the soil but adding a bit of legume inoculant when you plant peas and beans lets them get off to a fast start and insures enough symbiotic bacteria are present for them to start fixing atmospheric nitrogen right away.

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