Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wasted Morning

I received a letter from the Ga Dept of Labor that I must report in person to the center in Atlanta. I dutifully drove to Atlanta this morning only to find that their computers were down and they were unable to do anything for anybody. Bummer. I did get interviewed by the local ABC affiliate looking for my comments on a bill before the GA legislature that would require anyone receiving unemployment to undergo a drug test so it wasn't a complete waste. What I dumb idea. I'm not exactly sure how many people are drawing a check in Georgia but I would guess well over a half million. How much would it cost to drug test all of them and the bigger question is who is going to get paid to do it? I wouldn't be at all surprised that the idiot introducing the bill has ties to the drug testing folks. How many people would they knock off unemployment? My guess would be less than 10 percent. Idiots!

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