Monday, March 29, 2010

IVR Hell at Bank of America

I have just spent an hour trying to get some help with a technical issue concerning my Bank of America on line banking. Not successful. I finally did get connected to a real person but after answering pretty much every question she could ask and I asked my question...she says "Oh that's a technical question and you'll have to talk to a technical person". I hear a click and the robot comes on and asks for my SSN again. I go through another IVR tree and finally..."Sorry we can't take your call right now!"

Ever since I switched to AT&T wireless I can't get the "SafePass" code sent to my phone so I can edit the online Bill Pay information. It worked fine with the T-Mobile phone and the AT&T phone gets text messages just fine. I am stuck I guess. I will go to the bank in person a little later and see if they can help me and let them know how completely unsatisfactory their 1-800 customer service is.

I also had to call AT&T wireless this morning to fix the fact that I paid my wireless bill to the regular AT&T by mistake and all I had to do there was enter my wireless number and a nice young lady was instantly on the phone and completely helpful. The comparison in the level of service was astonishing to say the least.

If anyone from B of A happens to read this I suggest you try and get some help from your 1 800 customer service line and then call AT&T and be ashamed.

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