Monday, March 22, 2010

OK Step One on HCR

Nancy Pelosi deserves some real praise for dragging the HCR bill across the finish line. She pulled off a tough win. The President had her back but she did the heavy lifting. There is a lot of good things about this bill and a lot of bad things but it is the first step and the rest of the things are fairly easy to address once you have a foundation upon which to build. I think a lot of Americans that are not happy this morning are going to change their minds once they actually find out what this bill does.

It also doesn't hurt that this was a humiliating defeat for the GOP and conservatives. They decided to go for broke and resist this necessary change at all costs and it was a mistake. The thing that is really amazing is that there are a couple of hundred GOP amendments included in the final bill and reconciliation and it still didn't gather a single GOP vote.

Now we start the effort to really get the health care reform we actually need in these United States.

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