Friday, May 04, 2012

Down Day

Kind of a down day today. I got up and went for a haircut at 9am. Made a trip to Home Depot and Trader Joe's for some stuff and that is about it. Thought seriously about going to the gym but just couldn't get motivated enough. Did go to the garden but since we had a good rain this morning it is too wet to get much done. Suckered a few tomatoes and checked on everything...lots of blooms on the tomatoes and quite a few on the peppers. There are even some small ground cherries in place. Worked out there all day yesterday and all the weeding shows....looking good for a few days. Don't have to work until 6pm today until closing at 10p so it is an easy one today. Got to work 3p to 10 tomorrow and Saturdays at the Depot are a zoo. Off Sunday and Monday though  and I'll get the weeds that spring up between now and then on Sunday. I'm mulching like crazy to try and keep them under control and trying to stay ahead of them but I think it rains weed seeds here cause there is a new batch after each rain. BTW we are 4 inches behind on rainfall so far this year and with it this hot this early and so dry we may be in for a scorcher 'Death Valley' summer.

Really depressed about my family of bluebirds that were in the house by the garden. I hadn't seen any activity in a few days so I thought the little ones had fledged. Not so. As usual after the fledging I clean out the house to ready it for another batch as bluebirds won't move into an existing nest and won't build a new one over an old. Found to little bodies inside and it appears that for some reason the parents, who had been doing a great job of feeding just abandoned the nest and left the little ones to starve. They didn't seem to mind my working in the garden in close proximity as they kept up a constant stream of meals whilst I did my work. I sure hope I wasn't to blame. Sometimes Mother Nature makes a sad.

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