Friday, May 18, 2012

Sugar Update

Since I posted about HFCS in the last post I thought it might be time to update where I am with my attack on my Type II  diabetes/metabolic syndrome. Toward the end of February I took the bull by the horns and following the advice in Dr. Mark Hyman's Blood Sugar Solution coupled with Dr. Stefan Ripich's The 30 Day Diabetes Cure made big changes in my diet/lifestyle. No more simple carbohydrates, no sugar(even substitutes) and absolutely no HFCS, no processed foods, more veges and less meat and some additional supplements.
Things are going well....I've lost just under 40 pounds(it would be more but I have added considerable muscle due to my gym sessions). My fasting blood sugar is mostly staying below 90 (which is by definition non diabetic). I've had to buy new clothes(2 waist sizes). Granted, I'm exercising so you can't attribute all of the weight loss to diet alone but so far so good. This is a forever diet and lifestyle change and yes I do miss fresh white bread and some other things but the trade off is worth it. We'll see where I am in a couple of more months. Oh! and I am feeling pretty good as well and sleeping better and Madam says I have stopped snoring for the most part. All good.
The next step is to see my doctor and see about dropping the diabetes meds. I have already dropped Lipitor but I want to drop the blood pressure and diabetes meds as well.

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