Thursday, May 17, 2012


I actually finished putting in the garden today. The last of the Hutterite Soup beans went into the ground. I also got the pumpkins, cantaloupe, watermelon and acorn squash planted. This is, of course, in between endless hours of weeding and cultivating. The Goddess rewarded my diligence and hard work with a nice thunder shower this evening. Now all we have to do is keep ahead of the weeds and wait to begin harvesting. (No Goddess I am not counting my chickens!)

Thank you friend, thank you friend, thank you friend...that's the little thing I hear in my consciousness every time I put a seed into the ground. Each seed is about to have the opportunity to fulfill its purpose and grow more seeds...with the little tickle of fun that is natural selection thrown in for spice. By the same token I should be thanking them for allowing me the honor of planting and harvesting. I'll do my part by preserving seed but the lesson is that we all need to be thankful. Blessed Be!

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