Friday, May 25, 2012

Out With The Old

I know it has been quiet around these parts but nothing really much going on except gardening and working. Madam and I are dog sitting Minimonk's three this week so that adds a bit of adventure and a few walks into the mix. Off to work in a few minutes and aside from a little time in the garden this morning Madam and I purged my closet of things that are now too big for me to wear. The charity shop will get 12 pairs of dress slacks, 12 pairs of golf shorts, 4 pairs of casual slacks and some other assorted stuff. I still haven't resolved to get rid of my suits just yet but I actually don't think I can wear them. Forty pounds makes a big difference in how clothes fit. It's also a good thing I don't have to replace a wardrobe right now.

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