Saturday, May 12, 2012

Good Day Off

I had the day off yesterday and got a lot done. Tilled the rest of the garden(the part that doesn't get good sun until the real summer) and got the cantaloupe and watermelons planted. The pumpkins and some other squash will have to wait until Tuesday when I'm next off. Had to work in a light rain this morning to finish up and plant a fig tree that my friends down the road gave me. It's not looking the least bit happy but maybe it will catch hold.
I also built a bridge over my garden ditch(which diverts the heavy run off from my neighbor around the garden) and it looks pretty good. Now I can roll my carts, tiller, etc. right into the garden and not have to struggle through the ditch...a much needed addition.
I had such an issue with weeds last summer in the melon patch that this year I'm trying a weed block fabric which adds a lot of time to the planting process but maybe it will enable me to find the melons this year. Off to a fun filled Saturday afternoon/evening at the Depot(1:15 - 10:15) let's just keep our fingers crossed that I don't wind up at the returns desk again. Goddess it sucks...I don't mind the "legitimate" returns so much but the "stupid" ones irritate me to no end. One 50 cent switch plate, a couple of extra screws, 20 cinder blocks that weren't needed after all and on and on. I plan my projects down to the last screw and foot of wood and I never have "extra" when the project is done...if anything I need an extra trip for one more piece of something.

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