Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Blackberry Time

All the rain over the last few days sent the wild blackberries in the vacant lot next door into a frenzy of ripening and even though I was in shorts and couldn't penetrate very deeply I manage a good quart of beautiful berries and only a couple of scratches. The berries turned into a tart last night...nothing fancy just a nice crust in a 12 inch tart pan filled with fresh berries a small drizzle of honey and some bits of good Irish butter. 40 minutes at 400F and it was delicious. I could have dusted the berries with a bit of corn starch for a little thicker texture but it was fine without. There will be more berries soon as the bushes are loaded with plenty of red berries. I think the next berry event will be individual "bubbly pies".

Back to work today.

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123davidduff123 said...

By and large, I prefer a crumble to a tart but yours sounds delicious.

However, I couldn't help a quiet snigger at your heading quote.  Did he say that before or after trying to invade Cuba?