Monday, June 11, 2012

Cold Water Pickle Time

Got a couple of gallons and a couple of quarts of cold water dill pickles started today. The cucumbers are a little earlier this year since it has been so warm. I didn't start pickles until the first week of July last year. The link above is for the recipe I posted last year. This is the old fashioned way to make pickles as you don't have to cook or can and just let them work in the jar or crock and it makes an excellent pickle and one that is not too salty. This is the time of year to keep an eye out for pickling cukes in the farmer's markets and make your own.


karmanot said...

Reminds me of taking daikon, putting them in crockery and watching them turn into takuon. I think soy was the fermenting agent, but can remember. We also made a Japanese form of Plum brandy in a similar fashion and truly appreciated it during the deep Winter months when we woke to a frozen world at 5 in the morning. Would your cold water pickle method also work for sauerkraut?

fallenmonk said...

 Actually for sauerkraut all you need is cabbage and salt. Shred the cabbage and bruise it to release its water and add kosher or pickling salt and in a couple of weeks the natural lactic bacteria in the cabbage will make kraut. Kim chi is, of course, the same thing only made with bok choi or Napa cabbage with the addition of some garlic and lots of red pepper. Here is a like for making basic kraut.

karmanot said...

Thanks! Kim chi is a favorite....makes me hungry for Bi Bim Bob.