Sunday, June 10, 2012

Echo,Haloscan,js-kit Going Away

I knew this would happen eventually but now it is happening for real. I have never upgraded to the js-kit widget on the blog and still use the old haloscan code in the template. If I just turn this code off I and revert to the blogger comments I will lose all the old comments and that is years worth of comments. From what I can tell if I upgrade the blog to the new advanced blogger template and then enable the js-kit widget in the new template it should synch all the echo comments with blogger and once synched I can then remove the widget and continue on with  blogger comments. The other option is to export all the echo comments in XML and then enable another third party comment tool like Disqus and import the comments.

The first option sounds simple and the way to go but I am not sure if it doesn't sound too simple. Anyone had any experience with this stuff?

Regardless, I need to do something soon as everything goes away in a couple of months with js-kit.
If things look different around here and there is no commenting then you know I have jumped the shark. I'll make back ups of the old template and export the comments from js-kit to xml just to have some possibility of recovering but I may lose everything in the process. Oh! and the art of HTML has progressed far beyond my once feeble skills so I won't be doing anything fancy.


fallenmonk said...

This is a test of the new js-kit widget

George Lawson said...

This is a test of the Disqus commenting system

fallenmonk said...

 More testing

fallenmonk said...

This is a test of the non  emergency broadcasting system.

bjkeefe said...

Hi, George.  In case you didn't see my tweets at you, I am looking (for a friend) into the problem of getting a ton of old comments out of a JS-Kit system and I'd appreciate the opportunity to pick your brain about your experiences.  Do you mind having a conversation via email. If not, my address is here. (You could create a temporary account for this discussion, if you're not comfortable giving out your real address to someone you never heard of before now.)  I'd greatly appreciate it.

P.S. I did see that you did one follow-up post on this issue. If you did others that I didn't notice, I apologize, and maybe you'd point me to them.  But I really would like to be able to do some Q&A, either via email or here in the comments.

Thanks in advance.


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