Thursday, June 21, 2012

This and That

Had a day off today and it has been pretty productive. Got a couple of loaves of whole wheat sourdough baked. Did a little bit of gardening. Had a session with the trainer (the second of the week) and I can feel it. Even though I work out on my own as much as I can the trainer can find those muscles that have been neglected.
Finally scored a visit to the Riverview Farms mobile farm truck and came away with a small Berkshire pork roast, Portuguese chorizo, some Tasso ham, and Tennessee farmhouse cheddar. It was probably good that they were out of some stuff or I would have spent a lot more. Thanks to Carmen for alerting me to their local presence today. I have now "liked" them on Facebook so I will get updates for when they are going to be close.
Have to work full shifts tomorrow and the weekend and I have to close Saturday night (1015p) and be back at the store for a store meeting at 6am Sunday though my shift won't start until noon. I'll be dragging.
Hot and dry and I am going to have to water the garden if something doesn't happen on the rain front in the next day or so. With our new tiered water billing you get hit harder for the more you use over your base amount. The more I have to water the better chance I get of getting pushed up the ladder of really expensive water. Nothing to do but keep it at a minimum as there is too much work and time in the garden to just let it die for lack of moisture.

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