Saturday, June 30, 2012


Another roaster is forecast for today and tomorrow. I have to work today and though I am not scheduled to be in the garden center I could very easily wind up there. I did manage to work inside yesterday so I only suffered going and coming. I am off tomorrow so I don't need to worry about surviving the hottest day of this spell. We didn't break the all time record yesterday but we might today or tomorrow and we did break the record for the date set at 103F in 1980. Everybody watch the heat and drink plenty of cool water...even though an icy adult beverage tastes nice it is not the best for this kind of weather. Stay inside if you have air or if you don't consider a nice stroll through one of the big shopping malls. I pity those who have lost power around the country due the thunderstorms it is going to make it tough to keep cool.


karmanot said...

It's a bit unusual here FM, The offshore fog seems to be rolling in earlier than usual, cooling the evenings before burning off in the mid morning. The temps are in the eighties. We went to Bodega Bay yesterday. It was a brilliant blue sky with a slight breeze, where we feasted on sourdough and the best clam chowder imaginable. On the way home we stopped in Occidental to enjoy a wonderful framer's market. These are the halcyon days of least for a short spell.

fallenmonk said...

Brilliant! And thanks for the thoughts. The weather sound idyllic and I am envious of the the artisan bread. We are suffering mightily with the heat and drought. I am having a hard time welcoming each new day and its travails.