Saturday, October 29, 2005

Act One Only

Well I missed the live action but I did see monitors in the Atlanta airport when I landed. At first I was a little disappointed in not seeing more blood in the streets as I was hoping for a "massacree". Upon further reflection though I think we are just seeing the first volley.
Fitzgerald is still investigating and he needed some additional information to really nail his true target and that is Cheney. Now that Libby is indicted with a very solid case I'm sure he is going to start wondering why he should take the fall alone. Fitzgerald moved on the Libby charges when he did because he needs that 30 years in prison and million dollar fine hanging over Libby's head. He will squeeze the extra information he needs out of Libby in a pretty short order.

If Libby doesn't flip and goes to prison for the rest of these bastards he is stupid and deserves whatever he gets.

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