Monday, October 31, 2005

Off Again

"On the road again" as Willie would say. This week to the heartland. New client in Indianapolis which promises to be interesting. Never been to Indianapolis that I remember so at least I will be seeing something new. I will only be engaged for first couple of weeks to get the project headed in the right direction. Do my "Big Kahuna" act as it were.
This week should be a little quieter on the news front than last. So far all I have seen is the new SCOTUS nominee and I think it is too soon to expect any more Fitzmas stuff. No new hurricanes on the near horizon. I guess we will just have to be surprised at the next atrocity Dubya and compancy present us with.

BTW Jane Hamsher's blog Firedoglake got a mention in the NYT. She and Reddhedd have been doing a smashing job on the Plame deal and rightly deserve the attention. Congratulations to Jane and Reddhedd for the recognition. I will savor the fact that a now nationally known blog links here. Thanks Jane

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