Thursday, October 27, 2005


Damn, there is a lot of potential energy building up with respect to the current misadministration. We’ve got the Plame affair and the possibility of multiple indictments coming down tomorrow, or at least soon, and possibly beheading the Dubya regime. We’ve got Bugboy under the scope in Texas for playing fast and loose with campaign funds and probably still more shit coming his way from the Abramoff investigation. We’ve also learned today that his defense fund accounting is not necessarily following the GAP. Bill Frist is now a proven liar. We on the left are excited and anticipating a huge “We told you so” moment.

I am trying to stay reserved and calm over all this as I have been disappointed so often in the last 6 years or so that I am not sure my psyche can stand another major let down.

One thing that is really bothering me is the question of aftermath. If all of the most pregnant wishes of the left come through (Ftizmas?) to reality, we are going to be left with nothing but a President who probably peaked intellectually in the third or fourth grade. If Cheney, Rove, Libby, and all the rest are toast then we have GWB sailing our ship of state without any oversight and this is a guy that was an alcohol soaked coke head until he was forty years old. This is very frighening.

The empty suit that currently shits in the Whitehouse has been an abject failure in everything he has ever tried. He cannot point to anything, prior to his highly tainted election, that even quaintly canbe measured as a success. This is the joker that will be running the country without supervision. I am seriously in doubt as to whether there are enough cojones in the the Rethuglican congress to impeach him and we are looking at 3 more years. Can we survive it?

So we have a dilemma. Is it better to enjoy the immediate gratification of seeing Rove, Libby and maybe Cheney forced to resign or sent to prison, and as bad as they are having Pretzel Boy running the country further into the ground without supervision or continue as we are with a known devil? It is not an easy choice.

I think I have settled for immediate gratification and let the chips fall where they may. I think there is reason to hope that without Rove and Cheney running the show Dubya will be caught in the headlights, so to speak, and we surely can’t be worse off than we are now.

Just sayin’

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