Saturday, October 15, 2005

Unforgiveable Crime

Every once in a while a story comes along that just sends me into acute disgust and anger. The following story (via Reddhedd at Firedoglake) is one that does.

From the Washington Post

Not only to the soldiers who have been wounded in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere have to deal with with the aftermath of their injuries they are now facing combat once they have arrived home. - This time the fight is with credit agencies sent by the US Government .

There are many reasons people join the military and it is really immaterial why. The military is an honorable service and many, like myself, are proud of our years of service. In return for our service we expect the military to be used properly as a tool to insure that the ideals that caused the founding of our country are respected and encouraged. When we are not it is a tragedy as was Vietnam and as is Iraq.

The role of the military, however, is not germaine to this particular situation. What is important is that for whatever reason or cause one of our sons or daughters is killed or disabled in service to our country that sacrifice should warrant the highest honor and respect we are able as a nation to provide. This includes the best care and support in dealing with the results of their service. Anything less is unacceptable and there is no gray about it, no argument.

Additionally, many of the tragically wounded returning from Iraq are from the National Guard and the operative word here is National. These men and women serve with the expectation of serving their fellow Americans in situations where the military are prohibited by law from assisting. This means on American soil and not in some god forsaken dust bowl in the middle east. We owe these a double measure of respect and honor.

There is really no excuse for this happening and I encourage all of you to contact you representatives in the government and express your disgust and anger. It is really the least you can and should do.

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