Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sandy Vaseline

Via Atrios

I see that Rummy and company over at the Pentagon have added another few degrees to the temperature in hell. Seems like the bribe that they offered during the first part of the year of $15K to re-enlist was actually just a joke. If you suckered for it and are still alive and now through the first six months of the extra six years you sold yourself for, guess what? They're bad! No can do. Sorry about that. Against the rules. Can't pay.

Not only are we going to waste your life in a useless war we are going to trick you into re-upping with a fake re-enlistment bonus. We have destroyed your finances by sending you overseas when as a National Guardsman you never intended to be deployed for such a long time and now that we have you desparate we will fuck you with this big hard golden carrot.

This is absolutely shameful. How hard would it have been to verify the legality of such bonuses before offering them? How many soldiers fell for it? Since they re-upped under false pretenses is the re-enlistment void? I'll give odds that the Pentagon will say the enlistment still stands. It will be just like the medical benefits for life lie.

"I know that we promised you benefits for life when you agreed to make a career in service but we weren't actually authorized to offer that so tough luck."

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