Friday, October 14, 2005

Still To Busy to Sleep or Blog

Still pushing here and still no time to really do anything except the basics. Jane and Reddhedd are doing a bang up job over at Firedoglake and are the go to source for everything on the Plame affair. Grace at Scriptoids is making sure we know what is going on the in the fringe press.
In what little news I am seeing I was most shocked at the news of the staged video conference with the troops that Bushco put on. I just can't believe they did that. Really disappointed.
Pretty much 24x7 here on CNN international is the disaster in Pakistan, bird flu(check out adgitadiaries) and Iraq vote. Not much else leaking through in the short time I get to see it.
Weekend coming up so I hope to have a little more activity here so don't forget to check in.
Don't forget to check out Shakespeare's Sister and Pandagon who are both on the same frequency about movies that make you cry.
Anyway, it is time to scramble for the metro and experience the Lyon underground again. Have a good day folks and maybe this evening I will buy a good bottle of Bordeaux and do a little besotted blogging. I know you can't wait.

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