Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Time Crunch

Between the commute to the client, 1 hour each way by metro and bus, and the long working day and the necessity to eat and sleep things will be light here until the weekend. I may find some sleepless time but I doubt it. The expectation is that I will be able to push this project a little and get it back on schedule but from the experience of the first two days I am beginning to doubt how much impact I will have. The difference in attitude and "work ethic", for lack of a better phrase, between the Japanese and the French is very striking.
The Japanese were freaking out over the fact that the project was nearly a week behind schedule and I had a serious grilling over what I was going to do about it and why I thought I was the one to do it. There was a veiled threat of handing me a very sharp knife and asking me to redeem my honor if I failed. The French on the other hand are not the least bit concerned that the project is months behind schedule and over budget and are continuing to try and change the scope. It is quite a culture shock. Just so I won't be accused of culture bias...Americans are somewhere in the middle and when the project schedule starts turning to shit, spend most of their time looking for someone to blame.
Anyhow, it is now time to walk somewhere to dinner as the "bistro" here in the hotel is crap and expensive. In Lyon there is absolutely no excuse for having to suffer from bad food. Pretty much anywhere in the central city there are dozens of glorious "bouchon" that offer great food and good value. Last was Daniel et Denise, maybe ten tables total and on a little side street a couple of blocks from the hotel. Great food, great service and good value.
Dinner time!

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