Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Brass Ring Just Got Brighter

The revelation that Elizabeth Edwards is not through with her challenge of cancer is sad both for her and her family. The announcement today that she and John are going to go forward with his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination is heartening.

Nothing is going to change the course of her journey with cancer. She is going to get the treatment that she needs and she is going to move forward with her life. This event shows the mettle of her husband, her and their relationship. When faced with these events in your life the most important thing is to face the challenge and continue to live your life as best you can. Withdrawing from public life and feeling sorry for yourself is the last thing you need to do. Cancer survivor after cancer survivor will tell you that their salvation was accepting the news and then grasping life and all it has to offer and doing the best you can not to surrender to helplessness.

This event and the Edwards' acceptance of it and their conviction to not let it destroy their dreams but to add another reason to grasp their future fully has just strengthened my conviction that he is the right man to lead this nation during its next, very challenging phase.

I wish both of them the best and want them to know that they have my support.

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