Friday, March 30, 2007

Wow! Thirty Four Years

Today was my 34th wedding anniversary. Yep, Thirty four years. I can't say it has all been perfect but on balance it has been pretty good. Madam Monk has pretty much given up trying to turn me into her vision of a spouse and now recognizes that I am about as domesticated as I am going to get. From my perspective she is still the woman I married though her insistence on perfection has mellowed over the years.
At this point in a marriage, except for the major anniversaries , you do the nice mushy card and take her out for a nice romantic dinner. Tonight we went out to a new place VG Bistro and had a very nice dinner. Madam had the lamb chops and I had the duck confit cassoulet which was marvelous. This place has undergone several complete changes since we first moved here 25 years or so ago. VG Bistro used to be Van Gogh's which was preceded by Cashin's and even earlier the "Sun Grove".
All in all a pleasant evening.
Another highlight of this day is that it is Monk's mother's 79th birthday. Happy Birthday Mom!

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