Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Still There Different Day, More Death for Nothing

While we are all focused on the latest Rovian symptoms...this time the DOJ and Abu Gonzales we should not overlook the fact that the civil war in Iraq is charging ahead which is arguably the worst Rovian symptom there is.

BAGHDAD — Two nearly simultaneous truck bombs _ including one detonated by remote control _ ripped through markets in Tal Afar on Tuesday, killing at least 48 people and wounding dozens, police said, as violence surged outside the Iraqi capital.

A mortar attack in the Sunni-dominated Dora neighborhood of Baghdad killed four people, including two children, a woman and a man _ the second deadly mortar attack on the enclave in three days. A suicide car bomber exploded his payload near Ramadi, killing 10 people, and two other attackers detonated explosives-laden cars in Baqouba, killing three policemen.

The attacks in Tal Afar, the second in four days, occurred about five minutes apart at popular markets in the northern and central parts of the city, 260 miles northwest of Baghdad.

At least 48 people were killed and 103 wounded, police Brig. Abdul Karim al-Jubouri said.

All for nothing.

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