Saturday, March 03, 2007

Clothes Insanity Day

Madam Monk had one of her periodic 'Clothes Insanity Days' today. We went shopping this morning on one my rare shopping trips to get some new trousers and a couple of pairs of shoes. When I buy more than 2 pairs of pants it triggers one of these episodes. Everything in my half of the closet has to be evaluated for fit and wear. Everything. I have spent several hours today trying on pants and shoes and shirts which in turn get sorted into the charity pile, the we'll keep them but only for working in the yard pile, and the you can go to work and be seen in public pile.
Glad that ritual is over for a while. Makes me crazy.

I also finally lost the battle of the Levi's. I had three pairs of Levis stashed away and I admit that I haven't been able to fit into them in about 5 well maybe 10 years. I finally lost the keep them because they are irreplaceable American made Levis when she discovered that they were actually made in Columbia. My argument that that was still America and not China fell short. They're gone.

No comments on being a wuss. I have been married for 34 years this month and I know when it is futile to resist.

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