Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hysterical Al

This is going to be a rather disjointed post. I am tired and mentally exhausted after a very hard day but I feel impelled to comment in some way on the unbelievable insanity being pushed by the conservatives over Al Gore's appearances in Congress today.

The meme is basically that he is hysterical and calling for American industry to grind to a halt in order to prevent the increase in greenhouse gas emissions. First, Gore is and has stated that it should be a national priority to address the human impact on the environment but nowhere has he called for everything to come to a complete halt.

Everything from the attack today by the idiot from Oklahoma Inhofe to this article in the NYT times is calculated to spread doubt and uncertainty about the message that Al Gore is trying to get out. Bob Somerby does his usual thorough job of calling bull shit when appropriate.
I just finished watching Glen Beck on Paula Zahn(CNN) and he is preaching the same crap.

I'm not a scientist but I am trying hard to understand the problem. I am reading everything I can on the potential disaster of Global Warming and it just frosts me to see the MSM discounting this issue at every turn. They have also begun saying that the whole "Inconvenient Truth" thing was strictly political and meant to set Gore up to run for President in 2008. The Academy Awards are just another ploy by the "dirty fucking hippies" to get Al to run in 2008.

From everything I am reading we are already screwed and that all that's left to us is to try and ameliorate the effect and depth of our upcoming disaster. Gore is at least saying that it is not too late to do something. Everything I see says that if there is any criticism of Al Gore is that he is too optimistic.

To quote Digby:
I think my favorite thing about the know-nothing wingnut argument is that Al Gore is said to be all hysterical on this silly little problem by the same people who are screeching like howler monkeys that the oceans don't protect us anymore and "they're" comin' to kill us in our beds! The fact that ridding ourselves of our dependence on oil might mitigate both of these problems escapes their notice. But then, they are incredibly stupid.

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