Sunday, March 25, 2007

First Weekend of Spring

Sorry for the quiet around here but it was the first weekend of spring and the first weekend in some time that I didn't have to head out somewhere on a Sunday afternoon. We got some yard work done so now it only looks like a band of gypsy's lives here part time. I went out and hit a large bucket of golf balls at the driving range which has awakened muscles I forgot I had and I managed a three mile walk both days. I feel like I actually had a life this weekend.

Madam Monk and I are on a project to document and photograph everything of value we own in Quicken Home Inventory and have come to the realization that we have entirely too much stuff.Madam's mother was an avid collector of 'things' and we have inherited it all. Problem is the woman had exquisite taste and a fine sense for what should be preserved so nothing we have is yard sale stuff and therefore not easily not willingly disposed of.

I have week in Atlanta from the looks of it coming up which is turning out to be excellent timing. Either all the pollen floating right now is whacking me good (which it never has before) or yours truly has another cold and I haven't even completely shrugged off the cough from the last one. That's what comes of traveling and getting too become easy prey for any rug rat with a few germs you pass in the airport.

Anyhow, I hope everyone had a fantastic first weekend of spring. You know in ancient times this was the time (immediately after the equinox) that the local farmers would take to the fields with their wives and upon the newly tilled ground remind the gods through demonstration what reproduction was all about. Just to insure good crops mind you. If any of you have been helping the gods remember their duty this weekend be thankful it is still too cool for ticks and chiggers.
It is interesting that the expletive most derided today as a disgusting and degrading term for intercourse was originally the word used to describe this particular type of love making meant to remind the gods of fertility and the need for a meeting of the sexes to produce new life.

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