Thursday, March 29, 2007

Springtime In Atlanta

Just a couple of pictures from my walk about the yard at lunch to prove that spring has definitely sprung here in Atlanta. The lack of rain in the last week or so has created a terrible pollen crisis for many with the daily pollen count of over 5000 per cubic meter (over 200 is considered high). No relief in sight rain wise for the next few days either so all the folk coming into town for the Final Four better be prepared for the worst if they suffer from allergies. It bothered me the first two days but since that time not a bit.

The dogwood tree pictured I planted over 20 years ago when we first came to Atlanta and the pic doesn't really do it justice. The azaleas are always brilliant but seem especially bright this year. Spring in Atlanta is it its prettiest as the whole city is covered in dogwood, cherries, redbud, and azaleas all blooming at the same time.

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