Thursday, March 22, 2007

Road Warrior Report

Your trusty road warrior here. Have a 6am flight out of Indy tomorrow morning(not a typo...6am) and it is now nearly 830p. All packed and ready to do the insta-start tomorrow morning. I'm thinking I won't have any traffic problems at 4am tomorrow morning here in Indy since rush hour here is like 4am in Atlanta. Last week in Indy for a while as it is now the techy types that have to write the code for the interface and I can't do much more until we have data in the application and I can start testing...few weeks at least.

Especially for PoP here is the food report for this week. Bertolini's is OK, not great Italian but good. McCormick&Schmick's failed two out of three this week but the high side is I got one of those meals comped because I complained to manager. Sunday night I just wanted something light so I ordered a salad and an appetizer of popcorn shrimp. The salad was ok but when the popcorn shrimp arrived it was over breaded and mushy and a great number of the shrimp were in little balls of shrimp and dough...not nice. The manager made the mistake of stopping by the table and asking how everything was. I showed him one my lump o' shrimp and he immediately said that not to worry the dinner was on the house and could he get me something else. Good experience other than the food.

The only other dining experience was at Alcatraz a restaurant/brewery. The Pelican Ale was very good (an India Pale that was kick ass at 7.6%ABV) the specialty burger of Kobe beef with applewood smoked bacon and brie on a croissant was a mess...greasy and way to complicated not to mention it was $16. I might have eaten half of it. Not a smart choice but I am a sucker for Kobe beef.

Anyhow, it is now 839p and I am going to try to go to bed. Do not expect anything here until mid morning and if you are awake at 5am think of me standing in the airport in Indy with no breakfast and no coffee and no will make you feel better about yourself.

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