Sunday, March 18, 2007

Remember the Good Times

The Fallenmonk has landed in Indianapolis again for another week. When I checked in with Monk World HQ there was some sad news. A big part of our lives over the last quarter century or so was released from the trials of her earthly existence and set free to roam the universe. My daughter's first horse Kui(named for the Kokui nut because she was a deep brown) had to be put down this evening. She was 28 years old and had led a full life.

We bought her for my daughter as a yearling and completely unbroken when we lived in North Carolina. My daughter broke her to hunt seat and western and went on to win a boatload of trophies and ribbons in North Carolina and later in Georgia when they were both young girls. She has been out to pasture for the last few years as her age prevented any regular riding and my daughter has other horses but Kui was her first and very special. I can't tell you how many hours yours truly spent driving to and from horse shows and then standing around holding Kui while outfits were changed and all. I made a pretty competent hitching post if I do so say so myself.

So anyway, it is the end of another chapter in our lives and an especially meaningful one for my daughter. Kui did her job and did it well and lived a nice long life for a horse. She has nothing to be ashamed as she joins the cosmic herd. Those of us still confined to the physical plane can remember the blue ribbons and the not blue ribbons and the pleasure and completeness she gave to a young girl and feel good about our time together.

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