Saturday, April 28, 2007

Brits Tackle Wasteful Packaging

Something Green to start the day. Our friends the British always seem to be one step ahead of us Yanks when it comes to taking a proactive stance on the environment. They are doing it with taxing cars based on fuel consumption and emissions and with package labeling to let you know the environmental impact of producing and delivering the product to market. Now they have turned their sights on wasteful packaging and the movement is gaining momentum.

The Independent started an awareness campaign earlier this year and the British public has rallied around the cause. Over 100 British MPs (Members of Parliament) have signed on to a motion to move this along under the law. It is very impressive to see what consumer demand can accomplish as it is doing in the UK. Consumers are the ones that started demanding retailers to get smart about wasteful packaging and it is working as the retailers are turning to manufacturers and producers and forcing action voluntarily. How well do you think this would work in the U.S.? A lot of American companies seem adverse to this kind of change and fight environmental change and smear environmentalists.

We can learn a lot from the Brits and their ability to be level headed and build a consensus for the benefit of society both in the UK and the world.

h/t to Americablog

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