Friday, April 13, 2007

Off and Running

The Mississippi delta was shining
Like a National guitar
I am following the river
Down the highway
Through the cradle of the civil war
I'm going to Graceland
In Memphis Tennessee...

Madam and I are off to guess where this morning for a wedding tomorrow and then off for a few days of R&R up on the Arkansas plateau right on the Missouri line. Just a quickie as we'll head back on Thursday. Going to try and play a couple of rounds of golf and got the 'good' news this morning that my golf buddie's handicap is up in the mid teens so I won't be too far off the pace. He is normally a single digit handicap and it makes me look even worse than I am.
I'll try and check in here off and on and may have something fun to report. You folks play nice and stay safe.

And yes I have already promised Madam that we will cruise Elvis Presley Blvd and Graceland. She considers is some kind of high crime and all if you are in Memphis and don't at least drive by.

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