Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Cut Him Off

All I can say is..It is about damn time! Senator Harry Reid is cranking up the rhetoric on funding the Iraq debacle. In this story from the AP Reid says he will be moving to cut off funding competely if Bush doesn't respond positively to the latest supplemental funding bill. Bush has threatened over and over to veto it and Deadeye Dick followed up the veto threat yesterday with more threats. "It's time the self-appointed strategists on Capitol Hill understood a very simple concept: You cannot win a war if you tell the enemy you're going to quit," Excuse me Dicky but they are not "self appointed" they were elected by the people of the U.S. to get us the hell out of Iraq and the sooner the better.

The time for mincing around is long past and it is long past time to have our troops out of the civil war we have created in Iraq. Just a reminder...in the first full month since the "surge" has been implemented, Iraq fatalities have reportedly increased, with 1,861 Iraqis losing their lives in March alone. During that same period, 87 American soldiers were killed. In the last nine days alone, 20 American soldiers have died.

This is not a time for negotiation, capitulation or even compromise. It is time for Congress to step up and assert itself as an equal branch of government that has responsibility under the Constitution to conduct oversight and control the flow of money. It is going to be a long ugly and partisan battle but it one that is absolutely necessary. The majority the Democrats hold in Congress is fragile and the GOP has made it clear that they will support Bush and his war. The battle the Dems have to fight will be as much a public relations as anything else. It is not going to be pretty but this is "gut check" time and it is time we begin the end of this war.

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