Thursday, April 05, 2007

Wake Up Lady

My afternoon loll in the Crown Room is just about over. I have managed to catch up with several of the regular blogs and add my two cents into the ether. I was just thinking though about the slip of Hillary and the rise of Edwards and Obama and it comes to me that up until now I think Hillary was just planning to ride into the WH on name recognition and a river of money.

Guess what Hill, you are going to have to show us what you are made of and why you should be President instead of someone else. What makes you different? We need leadership and we need it now and what makes you the person to provide it?

Need I mention...the same questions apply equally to all those who would deign to be the Democratic nominee for President of what's left of the United States of America or should I say what will be left of the United States of America.

Have I nice evening all who stop by...I gotta go catch a plane.

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