Thursday, April 05, 2007

Some Good News

Last day in the heartland for a while I think. Going to try and make it back to Atlanta this afternoon. Should be an interesting day for travel on the last day before the Easter weekend.

Been watching CNN this morning as I do my wrap up presentation power points. I bet Bush is really pissed that the Iranians have proven themselves as another country that treats its prisoners better than the U.S. and moved the situation back from giving George an excuse to pick a fight. Now Bush is going to have to find something else to use as an excuse.

It is also neat to note the slapdown Bush got from the Supremes this week. Slowly but surely the tide is turning to favor Mother Earth. Don't get too excited though...Exxon-Mobil still has a lot of money and are still determined to see that our grandchildren get the opportunity to see the death of our planet in a slow and painful way.

Off to the client and airport....see you all later.

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