Monday, April 02, 2007

Monday Morning is Airport Time

Hello Monday morning. I hope every one had a great weekend. We got a little drought relief here in Atlanta yesterday that was most welcome both for the moisture and the wash down of some of the pollen.
Rushing around this morning getting packed and set for another week on the road. This time it is Rockford, IL which is about an hour and half west of O'Hare. Looking at the weather forecast I get to experience winter again. The lows are supposed to be in the mid twenties this week in Rockford and the highs only in the forties. Going to miss the Atlanta weather this week. Bummer!

More here tonight from the hotel as right now I have to get a couple of reports done and emailed before I head to the airport. Going to be strange today as I always fly Delta and just sort of robot through the airport. Today I am having to fly American so I will have to think. Believe it or not the round trip airfare on Delta (coach) to and from Chicago was $1300! (Final Four gouging). I found First class seats on American for $598 r/t with a little shopping around. Thank you American I'll just add a few points to the ones I got for the Beijing trip last year.

Later Folks.

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